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...well, well,well

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I don't know if this needs an announcement in fact it is evident... i am trying to stop a tendency to do lots at once & to  concentrate on finishing one thing & put it aside & then move to the next... So what to do?
Well, well, well... time to rework this blog.
Ill continue to search for things of interest in Asia & the Pacific because I'm interested in the vast dynamism of it & the area is so rich with stories....but i just don't have the time or expertise to write proper in depth things that people want to read.I think that knowledge is lacking & disparate because of that so ill keep searching... I found a  blog which is very concise & informative. The Art Radar Journal,  founder Kate Cary Evans who lives in Asia & is originally from the UK; her team(?) focus on contemporary Asian art. Another from New Zealand is excellent nzprintmakers has reviews from printmakers & information about workshops & exhibitions.
Nz contemporary art   & COCA  are cool. Well that should keep you busy.

I'm making this site more focused on my own printmaking adventures & an outlet to sell stuff online. At the moment I'm developing a website & looking under the bed for all those prints & drawings...getting those plates that need reworking to print off again. It has to be done...this business of art.