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...dual worlds..views of the landscape

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Dandang Christanto & Immants Tillers
Until Dec 23 @ Jan Manton Art Brisbane. You may view parts of this exhibition online at
or better yet visit the new premises in Spring Hill & see the works in person or by appointment. I love the work of Dandang Christanto & this image above Red Root is particularly beautiful & evocative.

ink meandering..things

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My image upload button isnt available so before i forget...ill try this drawing re last post...mmm

..a little distraction

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Ink has such surprising & beautiful layers. From the softest of grey to the velvet black; i have pondered how kind it seems to me as i have been drawing this year. I just used to swish stuff around alot & could never control a brush other than to throw it in frustration! Now,the so called drawings are in various stages & are mostly small thoughts or insights that happen in a series & share characteristics of motifs i suppose that are indicative of that time. The black & white stripe fetish is still here & along with the faces & line...
Beyond all that i love the quiet nature of it all.
Well ahem this little number above is something for a trading card project that im a part of. Initially i wanted to do a small lino but i tried various things for 2 wks & my lines were filling in constantly SO this is what happend. My card is a digital image with the ink line drawing,  i think i called it to fall or maybe in flight??  Long live ink!
For more details of the ATC project see below:

oooh..aah a new ARI

Posted by on | | melbourne of course...Launch on 2oth & welcoming artists to sneek a peek! Opportunities for 2011??

A Spiritual Journey

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A Spiritual Journey
An Exhibition inspired by the music of Archie Roach
Indigenous artists from across the Northern Rivers to celebrate the songs of one of Australia’s great voices.

Arts Northern Rivers in partnership with the Barratt Gallery in Alstonville are holding a very special exhibition celebrating the music and message of Archie Roach – one of the most loved and respected musicians in Australia.

Impress printmakers Studio Auction

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...firstdraft fundraiser sydney oz

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fun...small editions for impress

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Building plans approved ....Impress Printmakes Studios has a new future at Kedron Park Substation in Brisbane...lots of work to do. Especially fundraising..A small scale print donation is a good start. Become a member today & help the arts.Donate 12cmx12cm prints in any medium in small editions

Take off your shoes and wash your hands...Subodh Gupta

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Find Tramway Glasgow on Facebook

...compact prints Townsville

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The Umbrella Studio Compact Prints are on again this year & it looks like a terrific bunch...the exhibition this year involving 138 prints from 18 countries.In addition an auction is scheduled along with opening events to help raise funds for the studio. Meanwhile I am looking forward to receiving my exchange prints- some more for my collection. the moment

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At the moment it is raining here in Brisbane which signals summer. Really Australians dont have seasons; as in most parts of the tropics it is a wet & a dry with a little bit of everything in between. So inhale!The lush rain is here for the rest of the day & the light has changed bringing with it some vigorous thunder & window watching...with a cup of tea.
While im here...You might like to explore the PIPE 2010show & all its satellite activities that are happening in Malaysia at the moment if you are indeed there. There are shows by some key Malaysian artists (Juhari Said) & the international print show with participating artists from all over the globe... Ill post images when they are
1. Juhari Said's Solo
This exhibition entitled "Before" will features some of his prints created before and after his travelling to Japan. The Baju Kurung and Kilimanjaro Series are the best examples that reflect his travelling experience that had changes his understanding and perception towards printmaking, colors and medium. Beside that printmaking enthusiasts will also have the opportunity to view some of his works produced between 1991 and 2008.
Venue Galeri Seni Mutiara, 118 Lebuh Armenian, 10200 Pulau Pinang
Date 5 to 22 September, 2010
Phone 604-2620167

2. Solo Show by Loo Foh Sang
Solo show by Loo Foh Sang will showcase a body of works which place emphasis on the new approach in making art, namely printmaking. Each print techniques is a carefully thought of creation and posseses a rhythmic flow in images, colour and composition.This exhibition consist around 60 of works which is covered form techniques of silkscreen,etching on plate to transfer image on papers.
Title Solo Show by Loo Foh Sang
Venue Peter Liu Art Gallery, 84, Lebuh Melayu, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang
Date 23 September, 2010
Hp 6012 - 3329233
Admission FREE

3. Solo Show by Mohammad Khizal Saat
Solo show by Mohammad Khizal Saat will showcase a body of works which place emphasis on the new approach in making art, namely printmaking. Each print techniques is a carefully thought of creation and posseses a rhythmic flow in images, colour and composition.This exhibition consist around 60 of works which is covered form techniques of silkscreen,etching on plate to transfer image on papers.
Title Mohammad Khizal Saat
Venue Peter Liu Art Gallery, 84, Lebuh Melayu, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang
Date 23 September, 2010

hello september..8 millenium goals

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For some reason this blog has been askew in the void...both images etc all wonky like..
I have been putting together some work for an upcoming show about the millenium goals or MDG's as they are now known...which will be exhibitied in a church here in Brisbane. As i say that im really not certain how to do this in a humane & 'artistic' way...
It is reality with a thud & silence....
Progress has been slow... but ive settled upon 2 drawings & 3 small concertina books...looking at gender equality.I thought mmm book = learning = history = narrative...& collage as a form/method of rethinking/making...Difficult.. Ive been researching & looking at reports & remain positive & hopeful...poverty & lack of access to opportunity & education or consistent employment for women & girls is disproportionate with examples through the spectrum. Have a look at any of the UN reports they are all over the web...check out the goals...have a go at some level...there are various things to engage people to not feel they cant do anything...
The goals(MDg's) have a timeframe & are projected to achieve some form of success by 2015 by integrating a holistic approach involving governments, foundations, businesses and civil society

One of the drawings for the show...'As It Happens'

paper...paper..the paper mill

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I stumbled onto this new ARI in Sydney whilst navigating the wordpress void... I'm trying to have a site where i needn't spend too much time or money for that matter & still display works that are for sale & act as a portfolio of sorts...
Well tangents galore at his place but generally creating pages & so on is wonderfully accessible...for me.
This is a new ARI in Sydney dealing in all things paper...They will have an upcoming opening show soon 7th sept & have also put out calls to zine send an edition of ten zines on consignment...LOVELY JUBLY...

Artist Career - Professional development resources for artists

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Artist Career - Professional development resources for artists
Really a great opportunity to get the info(you need) in bite sizes so that you can get back to the studio to make stuff...

NOW......The Darwin Festival

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For details of whats on until the 29th of a great blend of music, theatre & the visual as well..GO!

In His Own Time

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Shortly two retrospective exhibitions of Iain Turnbull's work will open Sunday 29 August (continuing until 11 September)
The images and full details of the prints to be exhibited at grahame galleries + editions have now been uploaded to the web and may be viewed at the following link or click on the title of this post:

Paintings, drawings, & assemblage works will be exhibited at the Project Gallery, Queensland College of Art, South Bank.
Proceeds will go toward the Mater Foundation & Iain Turnbull Memorial Fund which will provide an annual bursary for an exceptional student in printmaking to develop their skills.


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...the girl who wanted to be god

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I have only visited Port Fairy in Victoria as a tourist some years ago & recall the beautiful little houses when walking about. Most people drive the ocean road & stop eat & explore in this part of Australia so why not take in a show too...perfect.
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..working on designs for new work yet must complete old work...push pull at the moment as there seems to be a lot to do. Aside from this business the weather is beautiful..crisp mornings & evenings so i can keep my layers for a bit longer.
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You may be interested in

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Visit this blogspot for details..looks like a great idea

mess=untidy=all over the shop=?

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A messy day in the studio. Ruined a couple of quickies...sometimes the mash up works & more often they do not..i should know that because it means a waste of GOOD paper!! I make peace with it BUT...i hope for the best..
I proofed the linocuts & have more to do.I really do just enjoy the cutting as i havnt touched them since the first proof. Now there is a pile of in between lino's...


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...begun some weeks ago..intended for something that didnt eventuate..practice for me at this scale until i find a subject matter.

...john pule in wellington...

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This exhibition features 23 of John Pule’s large canvases and around 40 of his works on paper. It surveys his career since 1991—the year he travelled back to his birthplace, Niue, and reconnected with the traditional Niuean art of hiapo. A dramatic series of recent works will also be included, allowing the exhibition to span 20 years of the artist’s production.

..the curious collector

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..the series of collages made for the curious collector have sold so i am fact altogether i think there was more than seven thousand dollars raised for the Mater Foundation to buy equipment for oncology sevices ...:)


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...grey..rain..a beautiful day today...yet i feel a bit restless with June almost over....i have been doing/cutting lino to cope with it all. I find the gauging very therapeutic & dont mind the bunion at all..
The Curious Collector is shaping up to be a terrific little show with many artists participating. I was in there today helping where i could & was particularly drawn to a number of works. Join us tomorrow night to celebrate Iain Turnbulls life...
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..a collage/drawing on canvas..
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An exhibition in memory of Iain Turnbull who was a collector of all things as artists are...
Several artists(Madonna Staunton,suzanne Danaher,Glen Skien, Gwen Tasker,Ian Friend) are exhibiting items such as prints & assemblages made with Iains collected materials that included parts of a piano, windows, draws...all things full of possibilities.I am contributing some collage works using piano parts...wood/wire with felt edge that taps on the keys(?)...must find the name of these..
Sales will be donated to the Mater Foundation to buy equipment for oncology services
Join us for the opening june 24,6-8pm. QCA Project Gallery, Grey St South Bank Brisbane

An Accumulation of Energy..Marcia Jane and Dinesh de Silva

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A special Blindside project across the whole gallery for three days only.

10 to 12 June 2010 Opening on Thursday 10 June 6-8pm

An accumulation of energy. Shimmering sky projections and amplified sound supercharge the physical space of Blindside gallery. Sound and light fragment then coalesce. This time, this space for three days ... that's it. "there are no connections... only resonances, beats, rhythms, closures" (Marshall McLuhan)

Closing Performance Saturday 12 June 4-6pm with K&M (Phoebe Faulkner and Jason Montero)


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A great artist & a great loss..provocative,inspiring, unrelenting in her exploration of the human psyche...all those infantile,dark longing in the trajectory of life...brilliant!...i love her work & that transcends all things..


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This is a terrific show, i saw this in Alstonville NSW but since then it has travelled up to north Queensland & back. Have a look at the nightladder site for further information but the best way to experience the etchings & linocuts bound in book form is to see the work in person..The show opens on Thursday night @ Redland Art Gallery in Capalaba...
Thursday 27 May - Wednesday 7 July 2010
Redland Art Gallery, Capalaba

Lisa Pullen

discarded books

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found book cover drawings...
.. a consequence of purchasing too many books at the Lifeline bookfest.. the sleeping/waking series

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Number six..Probably the last etching for this group at the proof stage as the lines need to be aquatinted. A bird-man travelling in space. The paper is actually a linocut/relief paper, Fabriano i think...i like the colour

..the fourth plinth.. yinka-shonibare

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Wish i was there to watch the spectacle, Nelson's Ship in a Bottle will be unveiled in Trafalgar Square on 24 May..............


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...looking at various opportunities out there to self publish your artists books photography or drawings??
Recently searching for an artist friend of mine & came accross this but i dont know anyone who's actaully done it. It seems (very) ideal & appealing ...have any of you tried it or know someone who has??
Im checking it

NAVA Grants | National Association for the Visual Arts Ltd

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NAVA Grants | National Association for the Visual Arts Ltd

sleeping/waking etching

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For me the difficulty in starting things is to finish them. With a preference (i think) to do several things at once & i suppose i keep things close. It looks as though these etchings are complete now..Only one of them needs burnishing & i dont feel the need to add anything more into them in terms of colour. A few minor tweeks.....more paper to carry them..perhaps six altogether.
They belong to the night whispers thematically & id like to make a box for this series of prints eventually...mmmmmmm

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