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Hello. Still the beginning of the year;i like this time, the time to contemplate what might happen as the year progressesNo firm plans. After some thinking it still remains shapeless. Thats fine.  The echo of read read read more books begins with ...A Girl is a Half Formed Thing by Eimear McBride
A couple of projects to ease into the rhythm of things. 
One involves this lovely little bird the Dusky Woodswallow. 150 (& counting) bird species have been found in a nature reserve called Bimblebox an  area in Queensland under threat of destruction by  a series of coal mines that have been recently(conditionally) approved by both state & federal government.  Read about Bimblebox  or watch the doco & you too will be informed about the impact of this industry on the people & ecology of the area. The Bimblebox Art Project 
serves to further highlight what we are at risk of losing. Participating in the 153 bird print portfolio is really a small gesture on my part & i have been 'bonding' with my woodswallow  in spirit as i try to create something. That said ill be seeing my bird in the QLD Museum on friday; a visit i am both excited & apprehensive about.
Project 2 is a group show "Whimsy in Nature" with some printmaker friends that will be in a small Queensland town called Biloela in the Banana :) Shire. I've never wanted to go anywhere near any of these places. I know this is unkind. They seem so far away. BUT i like learning about them; their history,who settled there... Visit the the A - Z  qld places website & click on the names of towns & suburbs you may be curious about...
Actually Biloela seems a lot closer when you see the map..and vastness of Queensland i wonder about the real lives of people there... Read about the Banana Shire here