Limited edition prints; works on paper escapades

crossing still time

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'Still Time I' & 'Crossing' 2011 identities,necessary transformations.. shown at the empty set exhibition..Drawing & collage on paper


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what happened in the night

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the empty set opening Friday 2 December at White Canvas Gallery

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..i am in this group show  "the empty set"opening soon...
Opening night is Friday 2 December at White Canvas Gallery, 26 Church St, Fortitude Valley from 6 pm  Friends are most welcome, so please feel free to pass this invitation on. 2-6 Dec...
The {Empty Set} is a group show of artists exploring notions of liminality: the space in between light and dark, life and death, one reality and another. The space where demons flourish in the turmoil of spiritual uncertainty and transformative moments glitter in the midst of chaos.

Transience, fragmentation, dissolution, ritual, hybrid forms, myth, magic, new cosmologies and the undead are some of the soft fruits of metamorphosis that inhabit the liminal landscape. These are some of the themes explored by the artists in The {Empty Set} across diverse media that includes video,installation, jewellery, works on paper and artist books.

Baboa Gallery

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Official opening: Saturday 26 November 3 to 5 PM 5 Denning St The Gap Brisbane
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From Gerhard Richter's note from 1966...
I pursue no objectives, no system, no tendency;
I have no programme, no style, no direction.
I have no time for specialised concerns,
working themes, or variations that lead to mastery.
I steer clear of definitions. I don’t know what I want.
I am inconsistent, non-committal, passive;
I like the indefinite, the boundless; I like continual uncertainty.

this goes against all art school sensibility doesnt it....the things we dont know
you can view more of GR's work

paper,paper: "The Round Up Exhibition"

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Closer &Closer front (w papercut) Sleep Walking Book Series back

Nothwithstanding, Collage

For more images of the opening celebrations see here on The Round Up facebook page. So good to see a whole new crowd at these things; and to show with an interesting group of artists in Brisbane.

hydra drawings

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from the sketch booook...the mythical multi- headed serpent.. begining sketches until i find the one

Queensland Quebec

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Q/Q Water Portraits Opening October 5th in Quebec & here in Australia in 2012. A collection of marvelous prints!

divining water

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DW,i,ii, 2011 Ink drawing & digital prints

drawings & digital

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boat people ii

boat people i


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Rooms 2011,collage,digital,tracing paper
..i like rooms; peoples contained collected experiences or just places for stuff..curiosities?.
Rooms connote all sorts of things; i like that so ive been thinking about that in my morning sleep time just before waking..its in 3d but collage is good value...

the other side..

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Shelter, 2011
circular linocuts almost ready to print!

The final Queensland Quebec Exchange print is done; it became  an etching with aquatint, quite nuetral with figures i felt needed the containment of the dark circle. That seems to embody the idea of the force of water which was the theme.  This plate finally found a home! Water is by its very nature reflective and ephemeral for me & im sure most of you  and can be a timeless metaphor for connecting the subconscious with the everyday in the self. It presents changing forms that encompasses times of melancholy, transience and discovery. For me water is a shifting intuitive mass that is about transformation and loss; a becoming of possibility of experience that is memory, a story defining a moment, place and time.
The QQ print now settled upon it is time to get cutting again(more circular motifs). No matter what the most simple things(lino cuts) keep emerging as a constant for me in printmaking. I have these great tools made in Japan, bought in New Zealand that do not give you blisters or those portruding hard knobs of skin near the knuckles. They are longer,very sharp & made out of a light wood & can be bought from Homeprint in NZ. 

two heads no body

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give me a line

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...more sketchbook tricks to convert to prints...its easy to just sit & follow the line sometimes though these are more controlled than id  like; i still prefer all that space though.

Queensland Quebec Exchange

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One of the enjoyable thingsabout the cooler weather ( a true winter ) is the beautiful clear days. I have to say looking at the big sky in winter is lovely. I remember living in London once upon a time searching for the sky whilst on those tube rides thinking where is it?? Who took it away? These are in progress line drawings I have been preparing for an exchange that i am involved with through Impress. Having tried several different combinations these may well be layered be

Self tropes; i think?

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"Little by little the word "here" seems to split in two inside me. I am here, but i am also here.
Both seem equally real to me.Sitting on the sofa, I steep myself in this strange separation. 'The Wind Up Bird Chronicle' Haruki Murakami


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You printmakers out there may know the state(s)/stages part of making prints can become moments of the never ending speed hump. In the back of my mind is the thought "what other possibilities havnt i tried?" of course it can occur ever so easily the other way when things come together in the most natural way. I am still resolving those prints begun at the begining of the year & also several others that need to be finalised.. I am leaning toward some embossed shapes in the background at the moment( though these seem abit intruisive). It is noticeable though that selling & exhibiting state/colour proofs is more common now so eventually these might be someones treasured item.

Avalon Series

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