Limited edition prints; works on paper escapades

before crow

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no satisfaction, some that don't...

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i made this

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"the somnambulist" will be at the Vario + exhibition showing in a regional gallery on Bribie Island..... i made a collage. Opening 7th September 4-6pm

Nalini Malani dOCUMENTA 13

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made in 2011?..various pages from my collage/embossed book... reusing the transfer tracing paper images of old prints. just going through images for a website & came across feel like doing some black paper cuts

Duk Duk dancing

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Duk Duk I, Inkjet

After having seen several Duk Duk costumes at the recent APT; they keep popping up in conversation with Felix who it seems is also a little fascinated by them as i (and others) were as children in Papua New Guinea.DD's are a secret society (of men) from the Tolai people of Rabaul where my family lived.  They are frightening yet compelling like a good fairy tale & interestingly upon entering the gallery space at GOMA there was that feeling there which to a new Guinean is something a bit dark i guess..powerful even. So we continue to explore them in prints & someday it will all come together.


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...wherever you are....close your eyes


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ferry on a rainy day...

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 Gallery day
My Country, I Still Call Australia Home now on at GOMA
Saw Richard Bell's Scratch An Aussie...Here's a bit

Concept: Richard Bell — with Gary Foley, Rose Maria Sadleir and Hamish Lewis at Brisbane. You can read/comment/find news on the RB FB page Vernon Ah Kees Tall Man showing too;Read about it here This is the state of things in Australia

book play

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Malay Upside Down & Map Making (Print & collage)

Wherever you are .Close your eyes (Etching/collage)
...playing around with these book things again... collage of printmaking & other not interested in making anything in editions or to craft a type/style of book...just the freedom to do do stuff intuitively..
You can see these & other fab stuff at the latest local print club members show at the  BIA gallery here in Brisbane.

sun rain PRINT

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 So 2013 is still young & i  am keener than ever to get printing...found fabric -will print  or cover books... Had fun screenprinting these;cant wait to get my exposed screens into action... ready to print

BTW Community Printmakers Murwillumbah CPM Print Awards - April 19 to June 2, 2013.My CPM lino work was unfortunately abandoned for a drypoint.. Anyway its showing at theTweed Gallery.

screenprint on fabric



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trying out reality

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some dreams
preempt reality?
coming in
and out of view
not set


my myths,my skin

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hello march

my myths,my skin; drypoint with ink drawing

'surrender' etching w tracing paper overlay'

'as it is past' drypoint with pencil drawing