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Remain Calm & Open The Show...

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FLASH Alternative exhibition of works on paper by Karen Kaese
After what seems like several weeks of constant tiredness & internal conflict i finally reached a place that was beyond my expectations.
Its a momentous thing to commit to, create & stage exhibitions. In this instance as a one band women (one women band). From whimsy it is an easy distraction into all kinds of shallow thoughts that lead nowhere. Worst still when you do intermittent 'things' in between the everyday 'things'  like family interactions and such you wonder if anything will eventuate. ..Of course stressing too much is never a good the end i just went with whatever processes i felt like doing intuitively. The outcome? I am still processing that however i definitely felt close & within  the  creative space whilst both painting on paper & sewing.  Quiet through the deadlines..In the end ..the opening was terrific. It worked out & in combination with the Manus Island Dancers who brought everything to life by performing several pieces in the gallery, all the audience was for a moment able to be transported somewhere else. 

Sky Dancers, Karen Kaese

My Myths, Karen Kaese

Karen Kaese

Sprout, Karen Kaese