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'nocturnal gathering'

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My first proof of the 'nocturnal gathering' you can see it is rather dark & requires burnishing in parts... i am not used to applying tone & still learning. I have a friend who does wonderful colours & multi plate things that are marvelous to look at... something a bit down the track me thinks..
Actually i have an urge to do a plate with just line work...a layered something...thats down, down the track too at the moment..

delft blue

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It began with this..I have been drawing on & off..simply as a transferal medium to arrange & apply images onto plates for printing escapades but currently i find it has become a deeply satisfying thing to do. I enjoy the quietude & simplicity of it, thats a certainty. More importantly it is that it remains very surpising, an element i love about printmaking.. This is the first book i made with assistance from silent parrot press & im pleased that it worked as i seem to have to practice things lots of times before it materialises into something...The book has no covers with the stitching exposed...My photos are camera has started...

Colour Blind: Contemporary Black and White Photography

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Venue: Art Factory Gallery, 84 Merivale Street, South Brisbane

Opening this weekend..pop in & look see...Featuring artists Marian Drew, Ray Cook, Camilla Birkeland, Ben Ali Ong, Richard Walker, Peter Wilson, Liam O'Brien, Ria Tierney, Tachika Yokota, and Tara Callaghan.
Exhibition opening: Saturday 17th April, 6pm Exhibition dates: 16 April - 22 April 2010
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OOps - didnt last post about the domesticated show was a little belated...but look out for amy stein..

...domesticated March 12 - April 11

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'Domesticated' is a series of images that explore humanity's paradoxical relationship with the ‘wild’ and how the behaviour of both humans and animals alters to accommodate our conflicting impulses. Amy Stein draws a connection between the mystery and freedom of the natural world, while commenting on our desire to tame the wild around us and compulsively control the wild within our nature. Stein’s work examines the primal issues of comfort and fear, dependence and determination, submission and dominance that play out in the physical and psychological eco-tones between man and the natural world... australian centre of photography 257 Oxford Street Paddington NSW...

string feather bone

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If you are nearby please have a look at this show in Cairns Queensland string feather bone
New works on paper from Leith MAGUIRE
9 April to 25 June

little by little

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...a few images from concertina books that ill be showing at IMpressions 5..opening fri April 9...