Limited edition prints; works on paper escapades


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The Wind Up Bird ;Haruki Murakami
"Once again i am myself inside my own body"

A lifetime ago, i found time to read novels, long National Geographic articles about exotic & interesting places & people;anything really. It was never distracting from the everyday existence rather it enhanced it completely. I really love this falling into characters & spaces so it seems strange to not do it so easily now. For instance i have had "The Life & Opinions of Maf the Dog & of his Friend Marilyn Monroe" by Andrew OHagan (The paris Review-on-maf-the-dog ) by my bed for over 2 months& i know its a great book too.

As you can see i find it frustrating... and recently whilst looking through some journals i had noted various lines(beautiful sentences) that reasonated with me from all the novels that id read & thought as ideas for prints....As part of the process im making them into a 7 Day drawing project that may one day appear as prints. One day!
These are the first set of ink drawings on cotton paper