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Shelter, 2011
circular linocuts almost ready to print!

The final Queensland Quebec Exchange print is done; it became  an etching with aquatint, quite nuetral with figures i felt needed the containment of the dark circle. That seems to embody the idea of the force of water which was the theme.  This plate finally found a home! Water is by its very nature reflective and ephemeral for me & im sure most of you  and can be a timeless metaphor for connecting the subconscious with the everyday in the self. It presents changing forms that encompasses times of melancholy, transience and discovery. For me water is a shifting intuitive mass that is about transformation and loss; a becoming of possibility of experience that is memory, a story defining a moment, place and time.
The QQ print now settled upon it is time to get cutting again(more circular motifs). No matter what the most simple things(lino cuts) keep emerging as a constant for me in printmaking. I have these great tools made in Japan, bought in New Zealand that do not give you blisters or those portruding hard knobs of skin near the knuckles. They are longer,very sharp & made out of a light wood & can be bought from Homeprint in NZ.