Limited edition prints; works on paper escapades


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More heads, floating heads,spying heads....i do a few of these it seems. I saw the most remarkable women at the markets the other day who had a face like a Brancusi sculpture. So beautifully formed i could scarsly believe it...wish i had that camera*!?*!

Crossing 2

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Crossing Series

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Crossing 1, 2011. See more new collage drawings in my stand alone page. I think mostly these are about the nature of past relationships; for me i suppose i was thinking about the threads of these connections to people & the memories that were formed. My step-mother passed away recently & it was a sway rather than a jolt toward the past & that has occupied my subconscious & set me into a different time...


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Whilst i wait for the storm: the second one this week i am working on these etching plates. Tentatively they are called part tribute to LB  parts therin of personal psyche & intuitive mutterings...

...well, well,well

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I don't know if this needs an announcement in fact it is evident... i am trying to stop a tendency to do lots at once & to  concentrate on finishing one thing & put it aside & then move to the next... So what to do?
Well, well, well... time to rework this blog.
Ill continue to search for things of interest in Asia & the Pacific because I'm interested in the vast dynamism of it & the area is so rich with stories....but i just don't have the time or expertise to write proper in depth things that people want to read.I think that knowledge is lacking & disparate because of that so ill keep searching... I found a  blog which is very concise & informative. The Art Radar Journal,  founder Kate Cary Evans who lives in Asia & is originally from the UK; her team(?) focus on contemporary Asian art. Another from New Zealand is excellent nzprintmakers has reviews from printmakers & information about workshops & exhibitions.
Nz contemporary art   & COCA  are cool. Well that should keep you busy.

I'm making this site more focused on my own printmaking adventures & an outlet to sell stuff online. At the moment I'm developing a website & looking under the bed for all those prints & drawings...getting those plates that need reworking to print off again. It has to be done...this business of art. impress studio fundraiser via etsy

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Impress Printmakers Studio  has begun efforts to raise funds to supplement that already provided by the local council in Brisbane. This year should see a suitable facility for printmakers in South East Queensland established in a renovated electricity substation at long last. It looks very promising with the project forecast to be completed by the end of May. Apart from the studio there will be office & workshop areas as well as a gallery space upstairs. One early development is this Etsy shop
selling works donated by the impress membership.  Important to note that
memberships are growing too which is an indication of the need for such a
facility in Brisbane. These are my contribution - a set of collage, drawing &
lino 12 cmx12cm available for $25. All profits to Impress Printmakers Studio!

...books beyond words

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East Gippsland Art Gallery  organisers of  the BBW competition are eagerly awaiting your entries...time to create artists' books & such like... Read the conditions of entry & good luck.

'out of the box"

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A recent visited to the Tweed River Gallery -a picnic no less... was a great experience & an opportunity to travel out of Brisbane for a short time. Besides the traffic, the gallery is accessible & a frequent stop for us. Whilst there we saw the Out of the Box exhibition a selection of New Zealand prints from Solander Gallery. I'm familiar with several of the artists works having seen them online however in person a print is so much more isn't it? There are woodcuts, screenprints & etchings...A terrific selection, above is one of  Alex Milsom's intriguing works...See here to view more of the artists ..Solander Gallery New Zealand
 Also on at the same time is Corpse Graham Peebles, Gregory Harrison, and Anna Austin, Australian artists who specialise in the printmaking technique of mezzotint. Beautiful velvet blacks!

In the adjoining gallery a series of paintings by Euan McCloud.
Surface Tension: the art of Euan Macleod 1991–2009 Monumental beautiful & dark. Shame it didn't have more space. I would have liked to have those works occupy the entire space....

Sometimes i feel that the ceiling needs to be higher there at the gallery...unusual that the architects have made a great building with all aspects of the environment outside capable of being view from the inside... but the exhibition space battles with itself depending on what is on show.
There is quite literally so much to see here....pack a picnic & enjoy.