Limited edition prints; works on paper escapades


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...begun some weeks ago..intended for something that didnt eventuate..practice for me at this scale until i find a subject matter.

...john pule in wellington...

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This exhibition features 23 of John Pule’s large canvases and around 40 of his works on paper. It surveys his career since 1991—the year he travelled back to his birthplace, Niue, and reconnected with the traditional Niuean art of hiapo. A dramatic series of recent works will also be included, allowing the exhibition to span 20 years of the artist’s production.

..the curious collector

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..the series of collages made for the curious collector have sold so i am fact altogether i think there was more than seven thousand dollars raised for the Mater Foundation to buy equipment for oncology sevices ...:)


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...grey..rain..a beautiful day today...yet i feel a bit restless with June almost over....i have been doing/cutting lino to cope with it all. I find the gauging very therapeutic & dont mind the bunion at all..
The Curious Collector is shaping up to be a terrific little show with many artists participating. I was in there today helping where i could & was particularly drawn to a number of works. Join us tomorrow night to celebrate Iain Turnbulls life...
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..a collage/drawing on canvas..
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An exhibition in memory of Iain Turnbull who was a collector of all things as artists are...
Several artists(Madonna Staunton,suzanne Danaher,Glen Skien, Gwen Tasker,Ian Friend) are exhibiting items such as prints & assemblages made with Iains collected materials that included parts of a piano, windows, draws...all things full of possibilities.I am contributing some collage works using piano parts...wood/wire with felt edge that taps on the keys(?)...must find the name of these..
Sales will be donated to the Mater Foundation to buy equipment for oncology services
Join us for the opening june 24,6-8pm. QCA Project Gallery, Grey St South Bank Brisbane

An Accumulation of Energy..Marcia Jane and Dinesh de Silva

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A special Blindside project across the whole gallery for three days only.

10 to 12 June 2010 Opening on Thursday 10 June 6-8pm

An accumulation of energy. Shimmering sky projections and amplified sound supercharge the physical space of Blindside gallery. Sound and light fragment then coalesce. This time, this space for three days ... that's it. "there are no connections... only resonances, beats, rhythms, closures" (Marshall McLuhan)

Closing Performance Saturday 12 June 4-6pm with K&M (Phoebe Faulkner and Jason Montero)


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A great artist & a great loss..provocative,inspiring, unrelenting in her exploration of the human psyche...all those infantile,dark longing in the trajectory of life...brilliant!...i love her work & that transcends all things..