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things to do:still time

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..still time..

What a tedious month goodbye January and almost February... Still i am hopeful and thinking about the years possibilities.. i have alot of expectations for the year as I'm sure a lot of you have also. I realised the other day that my head literally buzzes with an annoying noisy i went and found somewhere silent to sit for a while..
So one thing on me list of possibilities was a solo exhibition and at the minute i am preparing for this one whole much drama for one whole week. ..but fun!
I am being frugal & using materials i have acquired and also sourcing odd bits of stuff..
So far i have collected wood, card, paper, leather and my favourite items plastic coat hangers from the department stores here..particularly the ones used for children's clothes..i love collars as well so i have cut up some old shirts...
The exhibition itself is a disparate collection of me & these things..a big experiment of these wonders and lots of paper in various forms.. not a lot of prints though

So in earnest I went into the studio to do some more mono prints; actually i didn't have a plan & after not much sleep i sat thinking about what to do for a time staring into space. I didn't even drink coffee; i thought maybe i should take up running...some physical non thinking activity..?

The other item from "the list in my mind" was to improve my diet and perhaps take supplements too so i can be a happy little Vegemite.. I bought Spirulina and Q10; as yet i cannot judge  whether  these are either good or bad.
Now i must sleep get into it again; for tomorrow days are shorter so if you are near please come to my opening fri march 16th..Ill have prints, some books, drawings and random wall assortments (the uncollectables)