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bilas 1

 Where to start? Instead of metal i have been using plastic perspex (i think thats what it is) to scratch drawings &
 print from...making drypoints this way is both economical & addictive if you want to work fast... i like that you can see through it after you wipe off ink ...unfortunately it lacks that surface quality of printing on metal but its adaptable to collage & line work. I simply like the line &  the fact that i can add or subtract elements as i am going along in the studio.I sometimes paint the other side of the plastic & print a monoprint which becomes the surface of the drypoint. Fun & games on the go....especially when the print manifests in so many variations that i have the impulse to keep going & going with the  matrix..
These are some examples for the series i am focused on involving the tradition of body adornment in PNG called bilas. This can be for a specifc function for instance marriage or it can be dressing up to represent your wantoks
 at a festival or dance. Increasingly it has become a way to describe dressing up in general; being flash out & about town!
 These representations are imagined
things with beings who are in transit enacting a narrative of their own.
I have these other collages from the show in Biloela last year which is the same concept.
bilas 2

a book..collage on the go1
Anyway i went to the Impress studio to print & it was the most peaceful experience ..really great. I didnt do a lot..again i bought too many plates & laid out paper etc & only got to test some prints & start 4 leaves of a book that i might do...i say might because i cant remember the sewing method well so...hmm maybe ill collage them..
a book..collage on the go 2